Clear Acrylic light up Table with 2 Ghost Bar Stools Rental Set

Acrylic Ghost Light up Cocktail Table with 2 Bar Stools rental Set

Ghost Cocktail Table Dimensions: H43″, DIA 31″

Ghost Backless Bar Stool Dimensions: H 29.5″ DIA14.5β€³

Included in the set:

1 Clear LED Cocktail Table

2 Clear backless bar Stools

Made of clear acrylic.

Table top is included.

This High Tables will make your location special. They are very elegant clear acrylic Cocktail Tables.


LED Ghost Cocktail table with 2 Bar Stools Rental Set

Amazing transparent acrylic Cocktail tables are now available in NY and NJ area.

Unique Highboys are made of thick acrylic, inside the base the different length of acrylic create in a shape of starburst.

These Acrylic Table is perfect for snow, ice, frozen themed events.

Ghost Cocktail table is a great decision for small venues, they are transparent, and do not make the space look tiny.

Whether you are planning a Frozen themed party, or just want something unique for your occasion – Ghost Cocktail Tables are great for you. 


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