Baby Shower Rental Package – More info here

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Included in the package:

  • Luxury Baroque Throne chair 1 (White, or pink, or gold)
  • Baroque Style Large Framed Mirror (White, or pink, or gold)
  • LED Floor Lamps 2
  • LED Letter Table LOVE or BABY 1
  • LED Cocktail Tables 4 pcs
  • LED Bar Stools 8 pcs

Delivery fee and tax is not included.


All included Baby Shower Rental Package

This is a great opportunity to rent the most important items at one place. This Baby Shower package makes your event’s location stunning. All guests will remember your such an important day for a long time.

Bridal photo shoot with pink chairThe package includes a Luxury Rococo style Throne Chair

These chairs are great for Baby Shower, Photo Shoot, Bridal Shower, Gender Reveal Party, Birthday Party etc.

High quality Italian Thrones for rent.

These gorgeous Throne Chairs are presented by SLIDE and characterised with details and finishings that are rococΓ² style. Elegant and refined, ironic and contemptuous but most importantly unique and particular.

This Throne Chair for rent is not only a luxurious seat but also an irresistible design furniture.

The seat adapts to any type of space, indoor and outdoor.

BABY Letter Table for rent can be one of the 9 colors, or in a changeable mode.

Our LED Letter tables are made of white glossy acrylic, thus they are gorgeous without lightening as well.

We do delivery 7 days a week to NY, NJ, Long Island.

Book Stunning Throne Chair now – (347) 525 0898


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