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Planning to decorate the venue with LED Furniture for rent?

We are here to help you!

Through our experience we took part in hundreds of events and got many ideas how to use LED Furniture for rent in the venue decor.
Here are the photos from our past events and you might find some ideas for you event:

1. Half moon LED Bar and back bar of 25 Cubes:

LED Bar for rent nycThis 3-unit bar is perfect for 2 bartenders, for 300 guests.
Each unit has shelves and storage space.
The back bar is from the cubes also a good display to put there your product.

2. LED Snake Benches with coffee tables:

LED benches for rent

Almost every party has a lounge zone for guests to have some rest. This awesome LED snake benches are so flexible, you can put them in the circle, wave, half moon etc. and they are very suita


ble with our cube coffee tables, ottomans. Together they look great!

3. LED Snake Buffet line

LED Buffet bar for rentThese beautiful LED Buffet bars will make the venue more attractive, cause you do not need to decorate them, just put stands, appetizers, some flowers on the top and turn on needed color, and that’s it.
It can be as long as 59′, and can be seted up as wave, circle.

4. LED Product display – Back Bar

Led furniture for rent NYCWhatever you are planning: product prommotion, or just a party with a bar – you might need an LED Display. It is created from multifunctional cubes. The Display can be as big as 80′ SQ. Every cube has a space to put there your product, or just bottles.


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